Our Carnival 2460 is an automatic fryer designed for the production of carnival products such as:

– Cannoli
– Cenci
– Crostoli
– Pancakes
– Galani
– Strufoli
– Carnival Tortelli

The hourly production varies according to the type of product, for specific information about the production quantity of this line we invite you to make a specific request.

It is available both with oil heating by electric resistors and with gas, methane or LPG burner.

Electric version with resistors for a total of 75 kW.
Gas version with 90.5 kW burner.

The fryer tank inside has a forced oil circulation system, useful for pushing the product in the cooking direction and making the oil temperature more uniform


The fryer belt consists of two parts:

– An initial part interchangeable according to the product you want to fry, available in two types.

– A fixed part consisting of a lower net belt and a counter-belt to force the product to be immersed in the oil; At the entrance there is a non-stick tilting tape composed of Teflon rods, to prevent the product from sticking.

The fryer has a paper filter.
The filtered oil can then be drained into the fryer tank or in a special oil recovery tank located under the tank.
To complete the fryer there is a special extractor for cooking fumes, with a stainless steel oil catch filter.

You can complete the Carnival Products line by adding other machines such as:

Loading belt
Cutting Calibrator
Dosing Machine
Cooling belt
Conveyor belt
Filling Machine




Below you can find the links to download the technical data sheets of our product.

Carnival Fryers – ITA

Carnival Fryers – ENG