g 156 fryer for gastronomy





The G 156 is the smallest automatic fryer dedicated to cooking gastronomy products.
Born by adding a specific ribbon to the classic 156 with baskets, for gastronomy products such as:

– Arancini;
– Nuggets;
– Falafel;
– Eggplant;
– Panzerotti
– Chips;
– Fish;
– Meatballs;

The G-156 is equipped with a forced oil circulation system. This system useful for pushing the product in the cooking direction and making the oil temperature more uniform. This allows you to fry at a lower temperature.
The belt can be easily lifted from the tank.

Upon request, an extractor for cooking fumes can be installed, with a stainless steel oil catch filter.

You can complete the G-156 line by adding other machines such as:


Loading Belt With Vibrating Surface;
Cooling belt;
Conveyor belt;
– Flavoring drum;
– Sprayer drum;




Below you can find the links to download the technical data sheets of our product.



G 156 – ITA

G 156 – ENG