k 156 fryer




The K 156 Fryer is the smallest automatic fryer dedicated to cooking Krapfen, Donuts and other floating products which you fry first on one side and then on the other.
This fryer was born by adding a specific ribbon to the classic 156 with baskets.

The hourly production varies according to the diameter of the product and the cooking time.

The K-156 has a forced oil circulation system, useful for pushing the product in the cooking direction and making the oil temperature more uniform. 
The belt can be easily lifted from the tank.

You can complete the line for Krapfen by adding other machines such as:

FM600 paper filter
Sheet Loading Machine
Dosing Machine
Krapfen Filling Machine
Cooling belt
Conveyor belt





Below you can find the links to download the technical data sheets of our product.



K156 Fryer – ITA

K156 Fryer – ENG