K 6100 FRYER


k 6100 fryer
The hourly production varies according to the diameter of the product and the cooking time.

It is available both with oil heating by electric resistors and with gas, methane or LPG burner.
– Electric version with resistors for a total of 99 kW;
– Gas version with 150 kW burner.

The K-6100 has a forced oil circulation system, useful for pushing the product in the cooking
direction and making the oil temperature more uniform.

The fryer belt consists of a lower belt for the transport of the product,and one or two systems for overturning the product, depending on the request.
The fryer is equipped with a paper filter. The filtered oil can then be drained into the deep fryer tank or in a special oil recovery tank located under the tank.

Finally, to complete the fryer, there is a special extractor for cooking fumes, with a stainless steel oil catch filter.

You can complete the line for Krapfen by adding other machines such as:


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