Linea pellet 70PELLETS 70 FRYER

Our Pellets 70 Fryer is an automatic fryer optimized for the production of Snack and Pellet products, suitable for an hourly production of about 50-70 Kg/h.

It is available both with oil heating by electric resistors and with gas, methane or LPG burner.

Electric version with resistors for a total of 36 kW;
Gas version with 36 kW burner.

The fryer tank inside has a forced oil circulation system, useful for pushing the product in the cooking direction and making the oil temperature more uniform

In the belt there is a paddle belt which immerses the product in the oil and an easily removable exit belt.

To complete the fryer there’s an oil recovery tank placed under the tank
A special extractor for cooking fumes is also installed, with a stainless steel oil catch filter.

You can complete the pellet line  by adding other machinery such as:

Loading belt with vibrating plate
Drainer Machine
Flavoring drum




Below you can find the links to download the technical data sheets of our product and related products.


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