ribbon kettle for pasta


ribbon kettle for rice




The Industrial Kettle for Rice Pasta & Gnocchi is a Kettle that we designed for the continuous boiling of products such as:

– Pasta (the most varied types);
– Spaghetti;
– Rice;
– Gnocchi;
– Spatzle;
– Tortellini;
– Ravioli;


The hourly production varies according to the type of product and the size of the boiler.

It is available both with oil heating by electric resistors and with gas, methane or LPG burner.

The kettle is available in different widths: 400 – 600 – 800 mm.

The length of the boiler varies according to the hourly production required.

The cooking of the product takes place by dragging it in boiling water, using pallets that drag the product onto a special bottom.  

At the end of the “cooking zone” the product is dragged into a “rinse zone” where a cascade of cold water cools and rinses the product before leaving the kettle.

A special pump at adjustable intervals discharges the starch that can be created and deposited in the bottom of the boiler.

To complete the kettle, a special extractor is installed and eliminates the steam generated during cooking.
All the commands and adjustments (e.g. cooking time, temperature, etc.) take place from a separate and independent control panel.
You can combine the Kettle with any type of forming machine such as:


 – Loading belt

Cooling Belt

Conveyor Belt



Below you can find the links to download the technical data sheets of our product.


Kettle for Rice, Pasta & Gnocchi – ITA

Kettle for Rice, Pasta & Gnocchi – ENG