We designed the tray kettle for products requiring continuous boiling such as: taralli, bagel, bublik, sushki
The hourly production varies according to the type of product and the size of the boiler.It is available both with oil heating by electric resistors, and with gas, methane or LPG burner.
The heat output varies according to the size of the boiler.
The kettle is available in three widths: 400 – 600 – 800 mm.
Depending on the model it is possible to insert these measuring trays: 60×40 cm or 60×80 cm.
The length of the boiler varies according to the hourly production required.
The product is cooked using the “cascade” method, where the pumps suck in the hot water and send it to the overflow drawers that make it fall onto the product.
An aspirator at the entrance and one at the exit eliminate the steam in the two respective openings.
All the commands and adjustments (e.g. cooking time, temperature, etc.) take place from a separate and independent control panel.
Upon request, it is possible to install an additional pump to discharge the starch that can be created and settle on the bottom of the boiler.
The kettle can be easily combined with any tamper or other forming machinery and also with robots that unload and stack on trolleys.


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